How to avoid becoming a victim of remote jamming

Unfortunately, remote jamming is a common occurrence in South Africa. There is no way to guarantee that you’ll never experience this, well there are specific precautions you can take to minimize the risk.

What is remote jamming?

Remote jamming occurs when a device interferes with your vehicle’s remote locking system, thus preventing your vehicle from being locked correctly.  This allows someone to access your vehicle and remove items, or even steal your vehicle. 

We’ve included tips to ensure that you do not become a remote-jamming statistic:

  • Remain vigilant:

To ensure that you are not a victim, we suggest you double-check that your vehicle is locked once you push the locking mechanism on your remote.  You can do this by manually checking that all your vehicle’s doors, as well as the boot, are locked.

  • Don’t leave expensive or sentimental items visible in your vehicle:

It is never a good idea to leave valuable items in your vehicle where everyone can see them. If possible – leave these at home. 

By being aware of your surroundings, you are one step closer to ensuring that you, and your vehicle remains safe – no matter where you are. 


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