Car products

Comprehensive cover options

Comprehensive insurance policies usually provides you with the highest degree of cover against a wide range of damages that could happen to your car.

Comprehensive cover

A comprehensive policy will provide you cover for own damage, fire, theft and liability for damage to third-party property.

Third party, fire and theft

The third party, fire and theft cover provides cover against fire and theft as well as to third party property.

Third party only

The Third party product provides liability cover for damage to third-party property.

Total loss

Total loss products are normally an affordable alternative to comprehensive insurance and covers you if your car is stolen or hijacked and not recovered, or if your car is written off through fire or accident.

Vehicle essentials

We have access to a wide range of vehicle essential products that can give your car even more protection with various add-on and free standing products.

Excess buster

The excess buster product will make a contribution towards your excess when you have a valid claim against your car insurance.

Essential motor bundle

This specialised insurance package includes:

  • A warranty product (for repair or replacement of parts after a breakdown)
  • Cover for minor chips, scratches and dents
  • Cover for damaged tyres, rims and mags
  • Our Road Protect bundle which includes Fines Protect, Pothole Protect, License Protect and Accident Protect.

Lights, badges and mirrors

This product has specifically been designed for the repair or replacement costs of damaged car lights, badges and mirrors.

Roadwise car warranty

Roadwise car warranty covers the repair or replacement costs of listed parts in the event of a mechanical breakdown. For an additional premium, you can also receive cash bonus contributions towards scheduled annual services and car hire while your car is being serviced.