Life products

Life insurance

Life products or long term insurance offer customisable types of cover which enables us to help you choose the correct insurance that will fit both your budget and lifestyle.

Income support for hospitalisation

Cash support plans offer an income replacement for clients and family members should they be hospitalised. Clients receive a daily cash benefit for each day they or their family members spend in hospital.

Accidental income protector

This accidental income protector policy covers those who are involved in an accident or are retrenched and, as a result temporarily lose their income. Policyholders would receive monthly payments for a period as determined by the policy while they are unable to work.

Accident cover

Accident cover offers clients and their families’ financial protection in the event of accidental death or disability. Policyholders receive an accidental death benefit, as well as an accidental disability benefit.

Funeral cover

The funeral cover product offers funeral cover for the policyholder, their spouse and up to five children, as well as extended family members. It also features an accidental death benefit, personal disability and accidental income protection.