Listening to music while driving – hidden dangers!

Music and driving go hand in hand – from planning that playlist for long road trips to cranking up the volume when the deejay plays your favourite song as you head home! Music makes our commutes so much more bearable.

Beware though, as this simple pleasure can be very distracting. Make sure that music adds to your driving pleasure and that it doesn’t put you at risk. The music itself is not the problem, the distracted driving that it causes, is a huge problem.

Listening to music at a high volume, is more likely to lead to speeding, tailgating and one-handed driving.

A study by Monash University revealed that scrolling for song choices on your device of choice makes you 111% more likely to veer from your lane while diverting your eyes from the road 2.5 times longer than normal.

We are all well aware of the importance of road safety – but might not be aware of how our sense of hearing, assists us in being safer on the roads.
Here are some of the risks of listening to music at a high volume, while driving:

Here are some of the risks of listening to music at a high volume, while driving:

  • Turn down the volume. Avoid listening to music at a volume where you cannot hear ambient noise from outside.
  • Avoid very fast-paced music. Music that mimics the rate of your heartbeat (in other words 60-80 beats per minute) is the best choice.
  • Slower music like soft rock, jazz or even talk radio is your best bet for ‘background’ music to listen to while driving.
  • Avoid connecting any device to your car’s sound system that has to be manually controlled. Most vehicles offer Bluetooth connectivity, allowing you to skip tracks and change the volume via your car’s controls.

Follow these simple tips and you can look forward to many more hours of stress free, music filled driving.

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