The importance of Sasria Cover

SASRIA – the South African Special Risk Insurance Association, provides cover against unique risks such as civil commotion, public disorder, strikes, riots and terrorism to any individual, business, government or corporate entity which has assets in South Africa.

Why is Sasria cover important? If your vehicle was parked near a protest area and was then damaged by protestors – such damage is not covered by the standard underlying policy with your insurer. This applies not only to your vehicle but to any personal belongings or items that you possess under an insurance policy.

Sasria will take on the cost of repairs you would be required to pay, in the event that your property was damaged under these unique circumstances not covered by your insurer.
When you take out a personal insurance policy, Sasria can be added to your policy as an additional feature, this feature comes with its own added fee.

Being prepared for any and all circumstances such as rioting and protesting, makes Sasria cover an important investment in the safety of your personal belongings, not simply an addition to your policy cover.

To find out more about Sasria and to see if you’re covered, you can contact one of our friendly consultants or speak to your personal portfolio consultant.
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