Tips to prepare your vehicle for your holiday road trip

The festive season is finally upon us, and what a year it’s been.

Thinking of heading down to the beach or taking a trip through the bush? No matter where you decide to spend your holiday this festive season, make sure your vehicle doesn’t let you down by doing some quick and simple checks before you leave…

Follow our quick and easy checks to ensure your holiday wheels keep rolling.

  1. (1) Tyres: Check your tyre tread depth – the minimum legal tread depth is 1,6mm across the tyre, all the way around.


  1. (1) Wipers: Your windshield wipers should clear a clean path in their travel. Any streaks or smears means they likely need replacement.


  1. (2) Boot: Clean out your car boot of all unnecessary items. Also, check that your car’s toolbox and warning triangle are where they should be and that all the tools are there, make sure that you have a spare tyre in good working condition.


  1. (3) Lights: Make sure the lights are working, both on your vehicle and the trailer – if you have one. Check all the lights, indicators, brake, dip, full beam, fog – one by one.


  1. (4) Brakes: Making sure that your brakes are in good working condition and do not need to be replaced is a very important step before heading out on a long journey.


  1. (4) Fluids: Check that your engine oil, coolant and brake, transmission, and power steering fluids are at the correct levels for safe vehicle operation. When adding fluids, use products that meet the specifications listed in the owner’s manual.


  1. (5) Battery: Have your battery checked by an authorised dealer. It is a simple test, and while a battery replacement can be relatively pricey, so could the cost of a tow truck needed to rescue stranded motorists.


We’d like to take this opportunity to remind you to get your vehicle ready well in advance, and book a service early, if required.  Don’t leave it till the last minute.  This will place extra pressure on you, the closer you get to your holiday departure date. 

Don’t forget to ensure that your vehicle license is valid – this is something that many motorists overlook, which could result in unnecessary penalties. 

Buckle up and stay safe this festive season and have a happy holiday! As a valued member of African Independent Brokers – with Gold Club, we offer peace of mind while travelling, as you have access to our 24/7 roadside, medical and legal emergency benefits for when you need it most.

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